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1.Someone who plays at least 5 hours a day on either a console or a computer for at least 5 days of the week. 2. Someone who owns a gaming chair(The ones with the speaker and cupholders)
He's such a gamer, he never left the computer last night.
by Ninjutsu February 13, 2008
6 22
someone who plays videos games all the time and gets really good at them and then gloats about it for the rest of his/her life
jim-hey i bet i can beat you at halo

randy-well no fuckin duu you fuck play for like 12hours a day you fuck gamer
by shinushas November 22, 2009
3 20
Also another name for someone who likes to game but can't decide what clan to join. They usually spend their gaming time "clan hopping."
LOL! That guy is such a Gamer.... hippity hop, hippity hop
by Nubcabbage September 02, 2009
2 19
A woman who plays men for a living. A female player.
That gamer got him for all of his money.
by Iceman929 March 03, 2008
12 29
A chick that appeears to be into getting down and dirty.
The brunette dancing on the table looks like a gamer.
by adam ffohniets December 15, 2005
7 25
Any fag who owns an xbox and plays it non-stop until he can brag about being so good to EVERYONE.
Dan: Dude, i got a chopper gunner yesterday and pwned a bunch of n00bs!

Justin: Nobody cares ya fag.

Dan: Haha you're just jealous cuz you don't get nukes ya n00b!

Justin: ...STFU ya gamer
by J to the gansta G home skillet August 25, 2010
4 24
titch was gaming with jack on xbox live titch is a gamer
by Mrbeefyparkour April 02, 2009
0 21