A mocking trend recently started at Williamsville North High School that is spreading across Western New York. It's typically used as a derrogatory term by preps/jocks against people whom they think are inferior, regardless of their gaming habits.

Common victims of the term:
1. People who wear black.
2. People who don't like football.
3. People who like music.
4. People who are knowledgeable with computers.
5. Essentially anyone with an i.q greater then that of a grapefruit.

Common users of the term:
1. People who love sports to the point of obsession.
2. People who smell like an abercrombie store.
3. People whose parents clearly pay for all of their clothes.
4. Essentially anyone who has no self-esteem and feels the need to mock others who are actually happier then they are to make themselves feel bettter.
Prep 1: Dude, look at those gamers, think they've ever heard of football.

Prep 2: No way man, they're such faggots cause they wear black.

*high pitched laughter*

Prep 1: Anyways, I've been pretty down since my girl sucked seven guys dicks at the party last week.

Prep 2: Dude, that's fucking beat. Let's go make fun of some people to make up for our low opinion of ourselves.

Prep 1: Coo'
by FakePlasticMan October 12, 2006
Someone who plays excessive amounts of Call of Duty 4 and it's sequels. Normally prestiged.
Person 1: "Yo blud, I got the golden AK47"

Person 2: "You're such a gamer"
by RtooDtoo April 04, 2009
1.Someone who plays at least 5 hours a day on either a console or a computer for at least 5 days of the week. 2. Someone who owns a gaming chair(The ones with the speaker and cupholders)
He's such a gamer, he never left the computer last night.
by Ninjutsu February 13, 2008
Also another name for someone who likes to game but can't decide what clan to join. They usually spend their gaming time "clan hopping."
LOL! That guy is such a Gamer.... hippity hop, hippity hop
by Nubcabbage September 02, 2009
someone who plays videos games all the time and gets really good at them and then gloats about it for the rest of his/her life
jim-hey i bet i can beat you at halo

randy-well no fuckin duu you fuck play for like 12hours a day you fuck gamer
by shinushas November 22, 2009
A woman who plays men for a living. A female player.
That gamer got him for all of his money.
by Iceman929 March 03, 2008
A chick that appeears to be into getting down and dirty.
The brunette dancing on the table looks like a gamer.
by adam ffohniets December 15, 2005

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