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someone who plays video games way to much
Dom: hey matt what you doin?
Matt: nothing just playing my new game i got
Dom: Thats all you ever do is play video games, you nothing but a gamehead
by Dlewis July 26, 2007
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Main Entry: game head
Pronunciation: 'gAm'hed
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English hed, from Old English hEafod; akin to Old High German houbit head, Latin caput; Modern Culture road head, to work the clutch.
1) The act of oral sex when preformed on one playing video games. Rare in occurrence, game head is the misguided dream of gamers everywhere. There are two scientifically proven explanations for game head: a) the bitch is hella rank-ass, and/or, 2) the gamer is ridiculously good looking and his girl is dickmatized. While a third theory has been suggested, experimental evidence is at best circumstantial.

SYNONYM Aerobore
RoflFactor Lolshire1337 (Damn Straight)

"Comm, drop big gun pleez!... Commander!? Drop me a weapon!... Commander, are you there?"

"Okay, we attack in five. Nubtacular901, make sure you get our point. Alright, go go go go." (Death ensues)

Gamer "...But baby, I really want it."
Dirty Skank "No, I'm not doing that-- all you do is sit at your computer, you never shower"
Gamer "Babe, I love you, come on. Just a little game head."
Dirty Skank "Fine. If it'll quit your bitching"
by Roflwood Prior December 22, 2006
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Gamehead: To get head from your partener while playing your favorite video game.
Dude I beat Guitar Hero 3 on Expert while geting Game Head from my girl.
by Justin Gillum December 03, 2007
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