just like a normal software tester game testers play to test the game to see if there is any bug in the game or not...

a guy who gets money for playing and testing games which r not even released
crazy gamer : hey yo what do u do u lazy boring human...go get a life man.

lame guy : i am a game tester i test unreleased video games for living.

crazy gamer : wwwwhhhhhaaattttt...!$???....so what games u r working on ...?

lame guy : i am testing modern warfare 2 and mgs5 in different shifts.

crazy gamer : (faints)
by game tester July 18, 2009
Top Definition
A professional who testes video games by playing them before their release in the market.

to make a game bug free the publishers installs a in house tester team or outsources these games to specialized game testing firms.

these game after alpha stages comes into game testers hands and they are continued to be tested until release.

Of course a dream job for a gamer.

A game tester is a guy who gets money for and makes livelihood by playing games.
crazy gamer : Hey yo lazy scum..u suck... nd u look sick...go get a life...btw what do you do....

lazy guy : I am a game tester.. i test unreleased video games for living.

crazy gamer : what!!&??? hei yo what games u have tested man

lazy guy : I am testing MGS5 and COD MW2 in shifts.

crazy gamer : (faints)
by AK15544 July 19, 2009
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