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A word used to describe something utterly disgusting, but with a comedic twist. It makes you gag, but it's fantastic. It's gagtastic.
Adam: Hey, you know that girl from the triple date last night?

Austin: Yea, she was sexy

Adam: Dude, she's got encopresis...

Austin: Wow...that's gagtastic
by Gotadime March 03, 2010
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an event or person who is found to cause sickness or revulsion.
the show wasn't that great, in fact the naked old people were particularly gagtastic.
by akacanadianbacon August 10, 2008
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A word to describe eating something that tastes completely horrible just because it is good for you.
Gwen: What are you drinking?
Steph: A beet, spinach, and spirulina smoothie. It is completely gagtastic but I am going to look hot in my bikini this summer.

I find greek yogurt to be completely gagtastic, but there's so much protein in it I keep choking it down every day.
by wino624 June 14, 2011
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