abortion after the fact.
oh honey, don't worry about johnny being handicapped. remember we can always just get a gagortion
by seanathon April 09, 2007
Top Definition
abortion. Mispronounced as if by a child. Etymology: "Mr. Show with Bob and David." A small child (Bob) enters a room where a doctor tells his mother 'you can't have an abortion, your son is already four years old.'

The child then asks, "what's a gagortion?"
Your mom said she wishes she had a gagortion.
by Ken Noisewater April 30, 2008
A joke in which the punchline is completely ruined before its arrival.
"knock knock"
"who's there?"
"Alex Fech... ah nevermind, you don't even know the guy. I'm giving this joke a Gagortion."
by Bananawhistle January 31, 2014
through a freakish coincidence in human genetics your uterus and stomach have intertwined thus enabling you to throw up the life growing inside
after a hard night of drinking her child was brought to world by a gagortion.
by x_tatic2000@hotmail.com June 06, 2005
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