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a nose, the size of which is disproportionately large compared to the rest of the face...effects of which can only be remedied by wearing uber distracting shit...ala Lady Gaga
did you see Farrah's face? she's straight up rocking a gaga nose
by Judge Cardozo January 04, 2010
History: Lady Gaga's nose is roughly the same size as a average sized penis. Through this fact it is determined that when describing the size of one's penis as being average or slightly above average size that it can be described as a Gaga Nose.

Definition: A penis that is average or slightly above average size is described as a Gaga Nose. An alternate use would be to describe it as a Gaga.
Jon says, "Hey bro how big is your penis?", Doe says, "Oh, I've got a Gaga Nose goin' on down there".

Jon says, "My Gaga has been singing for some action latley".
by OcelotVarn February 18, 2011
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