Gafferadj. Originated in the time of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. Is used as a slang insult or a sarcastic compliment. Substitutes for words such as fag,dick,ahole,c*ck head,gerk off ETC. Also can be pronounced as gaffah.
ey yo, you know dat gaffer over on da westside?
by Cal Jones October 07, 2007
A line of Cocaine...preferably a large one
I am really drunk...I could really use a gaffer
by Hayton April 21, 2005
darwin's theory stated that human evolved from apes...gaffer evolved from grains cross breeded with coconuts.
gaffer is someone who f*ck*d your m*other.]
by lord gaffer July 13, 2006
Original Definition is "Gay Ass Fag" thus the G.A.F. This is used to denote any and all skiers on the mountain or a poser if you are skating.
"Joey!", "I can't get around the mountain with all of these fucking gaffers in the way!"
by Mike Hizzart April 20, 2005
The opposite of a goofer; someone who intentionally is bad at everything; a runt/ scandral
The kid is such a friggin gaffer. I told him to give me gas money and then he stole.
by milkbigmilk June 03, 2016
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