The ancient Celtic language of Ireland, Northen Scotland, and the Isle of Man.
Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge) is spoken mainly in areas along the western coast of Ireland. Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) is spoken only by 50,000 people almost exclsivly in the Highlands of Scotland and in the northwestern islands off of Scotland's coast. The Isle of Man is currently reviving Manx Gaelic (Gaelg).

Many people in the South of Scotland feel that Gaelic is being “forced” upon them. As both television and radio programs are broadcast in the South, despite the fact that Gaelic has never been spoken in these areas.

In December 2005 at a "Ask the Directors" meeting held in Glasgow, BBC Scotland was criticised for showing Gaelic language programs in this area, when there are no Gaelic speakers. (with the exception of those who have moved from the North of Scotland) A campaign has recently been launched to reduce the amount of money spent by the BBC on Gaelic programming as it is of interest to such a small amount of the Scottish population.

The BBC conceded that Gaelic programming was of little interest to the majority of Scots and reducing the programming dedicated to the language may be reduced in the future.
"Alba" is the Gaelic word for Scotland, but like all Gaelic is very rarely ever used or heard
by AndrewSD December 17, 2005
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A language descending from that spoken by the Gauls, an ancient European people who lived in France. Need I say more? France.

If you get totalled by a plant pot falling from a great height, chances are you will wake up speaking a gaelic language, because noone in their right mind would want to. In the words of Blackadder (on Welsh, a form of Gaelic), 'Never ask for directions in Wales, Baldrick, you'll be washing phlegm out of your hair for weeks!'.

I'm sure lots of Welsh/Irish/Scottish people think Gaelic is the best thing to happen to those countries since Catholicism and Potatoes.

In short, an outdated prehistoric language that is entirely inferior to English and all other Latin/Germanic languages. Also Japanese.
Frank: Ill cryy flp*raspberry* ayr *continues with words that are pronounced ENTIRELY different to how they are spelt.*

James: What's up with Frank?

Bob: Oh he got knocked out and when he woke up he had a fat lip and couldn't say anything apart from this Gaelic stuff.
by Claude Yoshimoto September 08, 2006
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Person 1: Did you know Roisin is a lesbian

Person 2: Yeah i heard, she's gaelic
by Hardley Surton December 06, 2006
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