An acronym for Grey Area Entanglement, used to describe the person with whom one shares a sort of relationship that exists in the nebulous region between romance and friendship.
"Everytime I go out with my GAE, I have to explain that he's not by boyfriend. I wish more people would just adopt the term 'GAE.'"
by brownrabbit September 01, 2009
Top Definition
Similar to when people say "That's so gay", but this is the definition that means stupid and this way, it's not offensive.
"Mrs. Mendoza's skirt was so gae, lol."
"Half the teachers at Polytech are so gae."
by almighty-cornholio September 04, 2012
Like a regular bae, but gay. Your gay bff. Not to be confused with the Danish word for poop.
Kendra: OMG, Larry & I went out clubbing last night & got soooo turnt!
Claire: Did you fuck him?
Kendra: What? No! He's my gae!
by Katattack156 March 02, 2016
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