Synonym for vagina. A slang term signifying female genitalia in the manner in which it is to be used by a man.
Im horny, lets go pick up some gabs.
by The Commodores December 24, 2009
A gab is usually a lampshade that has dried ejaculate on its inards; usually worn on the head of an individual while he/she dances to african (tribal) beats.
Take that gab off your head, Marty, this beat isn't african it's asian.
by nutsonface2 July 29, 2009
"oh gabs" meaning life is shit but you can make it better
"oh gabs i hate my life"
gabs(the person you're speaking to) "dont worry i'll make it better would you like some shocolate you beautiful thing?"
by miss deiscreet September 29, 2006
Gay anorexic boy
That kid is such a Gab!

I know, right?!
by Puck62292 May 12, 2009
acronym for "grow a brain". usually used in reference to someone lacking common sense; often used as a stand-alone word as a comeback or a response to a comment or thought made.
You totally need to gab!
by rmc1980 June 14, 2008
Gay anal butt sex G.A.B.S
Dude there was some crazy gabs going on last night.
by Chaz Call July 09, 2005
Gay men with great Abs. Abs The stereotypical gay man's 12 pack. A phenomenal set of abdominal muscles.
Wow, did you see gabs on that guy? He must spend a lot of time working on those gabs! Hey dude, nice gabs!
by Robert P. CA Skier March 06, 2005

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