An internet term used to describe a typical anime-loving bitch.

A "Gabi" is obsessed with an anime character and will fantasize about being with him or her because they can not find anyone real to be with. Along with this comes TERRIBLE drawings of this character but the Gabi insists that she (or he) is a great artist, and belives that people actually enjoy looking at this flat anatomy-less garbage that they spew out onto paper.

Quite often a Gabi will shoot down artists who have amazing work, insisting that she (or he) is the best, and sometimes they will go as far as too steal art from other people, if they finally realize that their own creations are pathetic.

Apart from that a Gabi will also normally act a complete bitch, and will always attempt to one-up anybodies sad stories insisting that her (or his) life is the worst and that nobody could have it worse than she's (or he's) had, ect.

In short; Gabi is a term used for a self centered bitchfuck, who is obsessed with anime and can not, and will never be able to create a decent piece of art.
A Gabi: Oh hey guys! Look at this picture of Deidara! This sexy thing is realy something, don't you think?
You: Yeah, so I'm not in any of Sam's classes this semester... :(
A Gabi: Yeah, sorry to hear that. But at least you've got it better than me. No one can even come close to understanding what I've been through (ect.) ...
by ChelseaKitters October 16, 2009
Top Definition
a really hott girl 1 of the most beautiful girls ive ever met.
i like you gabi gosherss
by justin March 06, 2005
refering to an extremely charming n intelligent brunette
gabi is toooooo sexei
by gabi January 15, 2005
A really really HOT girl that goes to my school
DANG! Gabi is lookin FINE!!!!
by ROSEBLOOD January 02, 2005
the most ahmazingly, awesome, hilariously fantastic, crazy awesome, wonderfully, gorgeously, kandilicious, tremendously, marvelous, astonishingly chill, fashionable, normally weird, odd, outstandingly extraordinary, groovy, keen, neat, nifty, peachy, swell, smashing, fabulously pretty, extravagant, fine, remarkable, talented, remarkable, impressively fascinating, incredible, stunning, unbelievably lovely, lovable, adorable, bestest friend everr!! all the guys love her and girls wanna be friends with her
you should go talk to her, she's such a gabi ;
by secretness[: April 18, 2010
1. Amazingly cute and sweet girl

2. A completely drop dead gorgeous girl with beautiful light blue eyes
Gabi and I went to the movies. It was the best night of my life.
by Guess Who Gabi ;-) June 01, 2009
A girl who, if you were to possibly describe her, is amazing, beautiful, funny, has the most gorgeous smile and most beautiful eyes, is pretty much the definition of perfection in anyones eyes that deserves to be treated like she is the most important person on the face of this earth. Is also easily loveable and without a doubt the most cutest person you could ever meet
Guy 1: I know a Gabi

Guy 2: wow, you're so lucky
by mashonictimblr July 01, 2011
A fit girl, who happens to be my girlfriend and supposedly has me caught up or pussywhipped. I don't care tho
Ali - Yo Alex you wanna go out tonight?
Alex - no sorry man i'm baking cakes with gabi.
Ali - Alex man your soooo pussywhipped
by Alex March 08, 2005
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