short for gabbacho, straight out white, typical blonde white man.
May be used as a Noun or as a n Adjective
The gabba went surfing.

Costa Mesa gabba?
Wow that is so gabba!
by Que Es Eso? April 15, 2010
Top Definition
Extremely fast, aggressive and insane hardcore dance music usually exceeding 200 BPM with a big phat kick drum. See also gabber which is wrongly seen in USA as some kinda freaky screamo trash metal when in fact it is the same thing i.e. Hardcore Tekno.
Also dutch for friend. A gabbahead is someone who likes hardcore tekno and who usually has a shaved head (see below)
i like my gabba really loud and fast.

Hes a gabba head (guy who like hardcore tekno and usually has shaved head)
by choirboy June 09, 2005
a very fast sort of techno muziq and is dutch for 'mate'
by sl@g November 03, 2003
Where you are to be punched
i wil right hook yr grandad so hrd in the gabba m80
by mlg proscoper 2069 July 01, 2015
The Japanese version of manpoints.

Pronounced: Gah-baas

Guy 1: Did you get that girl's number?
Guy 2: Yep, I scored some gabbas.
by Pepero March 07, 2009
Derived from the genre of music, that quite frankly can only be described as noise terror, 'gabba' conveys how something is way too intense or over the top in a negative respect.
'Man that turkey bark was gabba'

'That some gabba shit man, have you thought about surgery?'
by [SK!SH] December 05, 2009
Techno freak ned
He's a Gabba
by VAKI5 August 16, 2003
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