A guy that has a knack for finding women's G-Spots.

The trick is to find a woman's G-Spot is being attentive, being less "self absorbed" and more attentive to the one you'll make moan.
Rianne: Hey! Did you know that Dan is a great G-Spotter?
Flo: Can I try him?
Rianne: FUCK OFF! Get your own G-Spotter GOD DAMN IT!
by Damn Damn Danno October 08, 2006
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Another person, usually a close friend or roomate, who helps lift your girl into position so you can get in deeper. Could also be a great help to those with a physical impairment.
Dan was a great Gspotter, he unselfishly helped me do my thing before going to work.
by Jamal_00 January 13, 2006

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