An unpleasant disagreement or argument that you have with someone via gchat - Gmail's email based chat program.
"I'm in a bad mood right now because I just had a gspat with Amy - I can't believe she is going to vote for McCain! We argued about it for a half an hour."
by scrilldadoolittle September 15, 2008
Top Definition
a g-spat is the fight that ensues after a woman experiences the hyperemotionality that can sometime accompany g-spot orgasms.
"alice, you shoot your love-juice in my eye and then SLAP me?"
"fuck you, you prick."
"you dont mean that, baby -- this is just a g-spat. I give you the world's best orgasm, and this is how you treat me? should my dope mclovin' skills garner me punishment in lieu of praise? nay!"
"fuck you. i love you. get your finger out of my ass, you faggot."
by evil alice June 18, 2008
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