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to bang a girl w/ many of ur boys at the same time
Yea, last night got pretty crazy and we G'd her up.
You think we should run a G on her?
by KingDUB March 10, 2005
19 64
when someone's ride is pimped out with lift kit, rims and tinted out.
man, that guys jimmy is g'd out
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
29 74
G'd up means coke'd up, yacked up, hopped up on the notorious drug coke/cocaine
Nigga #1: I just rode a fucking diesel slope man
Me: Werd? I got an 8ball kid, lets get G'D UP!
by CMB June 15, 2004
20 69
Grass some one up (tell on them)
"Dawg me and my homies were rollin in da crib wen a feds cum we musta got g'd up!"
by ://Hex April 10, 2006
17 68
Being like a gangsta
When I popped my cap I was g'd up
by Garrity April 21, 2003
47 98
Feeling horny, wanting to have sex!
1)damn Gurl im feeling so G'd up right now!
2) im G'd up and ready to go back to my crib with this shorty!
by Humphrey4Ankles July 16, 2005
7 59