The act of up voting or liking a comment on Google+.
Yo Dawg did you see that TED video over on Google+? I G'duped that shit.
by orthographer July 10, 2011
rockin dat blang blang n lookn gangsta
fool, me n mah crew stay g'd up from da feet up

yo homie dont fuck wit dem, dey stay g'd up all da time
by #1THUGGa August 08, 2005
Also now as 'Geared up' weather it be a casual atire or occasional atire.
Yo, that niqqer G'd up.
by G-* J[DOTS] April 16, 2009
Any mechanical apparatus that a Godard has attempted to repair and instead caused it to permanently fail.
That incompetent mechanic G'd up my vehicle.
by mreverting September 08, 2007
a saying for a person who has genital worts... to have the STD
also can be used as G-G-G GGGGGG'D- UP
Yo, you aint wanna mess with dat gurl, she's G'dup
by pimpmastaFJ August 17, 2003
To be amazing at something and succeed extremely. Murk all others and destroy competition.
Aaron: Man the Nitro Penguins are goonified.

Captain Obvious: Yeah, They are pretty G'd Up.
by N1tr0 P3ngu1n April 27, 2009
To be in a trance like state or stupor from the ingestion of G.H.B. (gamma hydroxy butyrate).

Man, I'm going to fucking pass out. I am so damn g'd up right now.
by Anonymous April 28, 2003

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