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Orphan, or bastard.

Commonly used as an insult in Chile and Argentina.

May be pronounced wacho (casual speech) or washo (Chilean accent).

Similar terms in English would be: urchin, waif or perhaps street-rat.

Not to be confused with wacha, or wacho, conjugations of the mexican slang verb wachar (to look at / to watch).

Huérfano would be a more neutral word for orphan.

The feminine is güacha.
¡Vo soi un güacho de mierda! ¡Lárgate de aquí, concha 'e tu madre! -- A Chilean insulting you.

¡Sos un forro, güacho! ¡Andate de aquí; la puta que te parió!

-- An Argentinian insulting you.
by Three Bars February 13, 2010
1. vulgar name used in Mexico to name a soldier.
El es un guacho (talking about to a military man)
He's a guacho.
by Galguera August 26, 2006
Spanish spelling of watcho, a "watcher" for a drug dealer. Derogatory.
That guacho's been standing there for the last 45 minutes.
by Compositor August 07, 2007
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