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An acronym of Girls Are Shit Hot.

A popular epic kinda indie, electro, grimey, new rave, screamo, with some jazz funk beats, a country twang, a little urban, acid, 2-step, techno, you know, like afro-punk, mixed with a bit of ambience, folk, brit-pop, caberet, swing, cyber-funk, metal, dance-hall, disco, with a bit of heavy drum and bass, reggae, glam rock, progressive rock, and a bit classical, sorta grindcore, blues, grunge, hardhouse, opera, like indietronica, jungle, samba, with some yodelling, post-industrial, rap, soul, bitchcore Portsmouth based all girl band.

Often refered as being the 'New Sound'.
'This is G*a*s*h!' pronounced 'Gash'
by SAPAK October 28, 2007

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