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A meal eaten before breakfast containing mostly sugar based food.
Dude "im tired im gonna get some gnort before breakfast."
by SAmboseetly September 05, 2006
Pronunciation: guh-nort
The first meal of the day, BEFORE breakfast, consisting solely of candy and/or sugar based foods.

1) Man, Pass me some g'nort--im starved... and hungover:(
2) Ninja's Eat G'nort
Examples of g'nort: Chocolate cake, wine gums, gummy worms, pixie stix
Not examples: Oatmeal Cookie, chips, water, gatorade
by Heather =p November 13, 2005
n: The first meal of the day, coming before breakfast, and consisting only of candy and other sugar based treats. This can include Wine gums, Gummy Bears, Chocolate bars, Cookies etc.

v: The act of eating g'nort.
"The men g'norted late into the morning."
"G'nort is delicious!"
by Paul_ninja June 15, 2006
The very first meal of the day, coming before breakfast and consisting only of sweets and other sugar-based goods.
well, for g'nort you can have anything from brownies to a shitload of candy...but be careful not to have too much or you will have a g'nort hangover...so g'nort responsibly!!
by Emily Prange January 01, 2006
the act of eating strictly candy for breakfast
Bob: so, what did you have for g'nort today, dave?

Dave: oh, some marshmallows and suckers. how about you?
by hrfgse April 16, 2006