the act of eating strictly candy for breakfast
Bob: so, what did you have for g'nort today, dave?

Dave: oh, some marshmallows and suckers. how about you?
by hrfgse April 16, 2006
Top Definition
Pronunciation: guh-nort
The first meal of the day, BEFORE breakfast, consisting solely of candy and/or sugar based foods.

1) Man, Pass me some g'nort--im starved... and hungover:(
2) Ninja's Eat G'nort
Examples of g'nort: Chocolate cake, wine gums, gummy worms, pixie stix
Not examples: Oatmeal Cookie, chips, water, gatorade
by Heather =p November 13, 2005
n: The first meal of the day, coming before breakfast, and consisting only of candy and other sugar based treats. This can include Wine gums, Gummy Bears, Chocolate bars, Cookies etc.

v: The act of eating g'nort.
"The men g'norted late into the morning."
"G'nort is delicious!"
by Paul_ninja June 15, 2006
A meal eaten before breakfast containing mostly sugar based food.
Dude "im tired im gonna get some gnort before breakfast."
by SAmboseetly September 05, 2006
The very first meal of the day, coming before breakfast and consisting only of sweets and other sugar-based goods.
well, for g'nort you can have anything from brownies to a shitload of candy...but be careful not to have too much or you will have a g'nort g'nort responsibly!!
by Emily Prange January 01, 2006
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