god-shooting rags
im in geats lab but this big cow is killing me plz hlp
by 0niTTRay October 06, 2003
Top Definition
To eat at the gally.
Jesus: "Hey Mulvey, what are you doing for lunch today?"
Mulvey: "I'm geating"
Jesus : "What's that?"
Mulvey: "Gally-eating"
by Jesus_mac April 14, 2010
a person or thing that is completely uncool
freshmen are such geats!
by jfhalfref October 17, 2008
Jamaican for "Did you eat?"
Hey mon g'eat? Naa.
by Penis September 10, 2004
Classic prank: the act of grabbing someone's dick, quickly scraping out the smegma and smearing it on the person's face.
"He had his geating coming"
"That bastard Nicodemus led me into an ambush to geat me"
"Don't keep your place? That's a geatin"
by itsthegeatohoh December 20, 2012
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