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A creature of small stature, who can commonly be found trying to bother people in many ways. Calls at ridiculous hours. Plays trumpet. Smokes the ganja.
"My brother was walking down the street when Grobo thought it would be funny to push him into traffic, he did, and therefore my brother died."
by the stick itself August 15, 2003
26 10
G.Robo is the Boston-based hip-hop and entertainment movement. The group started with rapper KB and progressed to what it is now; a party, a movement, a music, an art, and an experience.
by Robofan October 21, 2011
7 1
The word grobo is another word for a girl hobo i discoverd the word while annoying a girl hobo
Ohhh my god that scag head women with the weird dog is such a grobo
by Callum Mays October 27, 2004
3 5