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A fat, piece of shit
"FWICK looks like winnie the pooh"
"Alex gave Fwick Becky"
by spe1057 September 20, 2009
the peculiar line that runs down a man's ball sack, as if thousands of years ago a greek god cut a man's sack open, put testicles in it, and sewed it up, leaving a permanent scar on our gender and damning us to impregnate one-night-stands.....a Fwick!
That girl was licking my fwick all up and down last night, what a tease
by brainy meat March 17, 2011
Fwick is a polite term which means Fucking Quick.
Dan, you had better get over here fwickly!

I need that report fwick!
by Toadleystoned July 30, 2010