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Fuck, we don't care.
Text to friends: "I got a 100 on my Advanced Trigonometry test today!"

Reply: "FWDC"
by towerbot December 12, 2010
A fatty with double chin .
teresa says : hey mitch
mitch says : omg , i just ate some lebenese chicken .YUMMY !!
teresa says :EWW your sucha fwdc
by fwdc April 01, 2010
Friends with deep conversations
Francis- "Yea so I got Sonny to take a crap on my chest after we fucked."
Susan- "Wow, thats deep."
Francis- "Yea we're total FWDC"
Susan- "FWDC?"
Francis- "Friends with deep convos."
by Stewpid Bietch December 30, 2011