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The most accurate description of what a woman would call logical, from a man's point of view. What a woman thinks is logic seems totally illogical to a man, and sometimes, vica-versa. It usually leads to a dissagreement on what meaning there is to a statement. Basically any situation involving something that seems or is completely normal to you but causes conflict from people reading too much into it.
Man: Honey, do you want to try that new menu at the bar tonight? They have some nice low-fat stuff on there.
Woman: So now I'm fat am I?
Man: No! OK, if you're going all fuzzy random on me, we'll go to Maccas.


Man: Let's head to the beach babe, the guys reckon it's awesome down there.
Woman: I'm not your damn trophy, do you have to parade me around in my bikini in front of the whole beach?
Man: Where the hell did that come from? Damn fuzzy-random excuse for logic you got there...

by Dr_Snapid January 01, 2006
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