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An extremely popular alcoholic beverage of the 1980s. Even guys were drinking this fruity concoction made of 1 shot of Vodka, 1 shot of Peach Schnapps and 2-3 parts orange juice. The best Fuzzy Navel would use REAL UNconcentrated orange juice. Wannabee "Cocktail" bartenders like Tom Cruise would argue which Schnapps was the best. Conclusively if it was/is a Schnapps made in Europe or Canada, it would very likely qualify as good enough. Bols from the Netherlands was a fine choice of many Nancy boy bartenders and good enough for the straight crowd as well.
Dwight: *- dancing to 'Safety Dance' -* "Hey Bro, could you order me a Fuzzy Navel!?"
Pat: *- staring at him like he just got pissed on -* "What is THAT man??!"
Dwight: *- exiting the dance floor seriously perturbed -* "Forget it man; just keep sucking on your pathetic wobbley pop loser."
Beth: *- overhearing the argument -* "Did I hear you say 'Fuzzy Navel!?' I'd love one; and can I take you home tonight so I can blow your socks off!"
by psiscott April 11, 2006
1)A tropical fruit drink with lots o' alcohol that tastes like peaches
2)Joseph Terwilliger's belly-button.
We're going to need a crane--Joe's got a tuba stuck in his fuzzy navel.
by Hung Lo May 01, 2003
Besides the name of a fruity cocktail this is also the sexual act of putting pubes on a belly button and proceeding to fuck it.
Hey come cut my pubes so i can give you a fuzzy navel!
by JoseCuervoGimpy June 24, 2011
A fruity drink - where fruity does not mean containing the taste of fruits, but rather that the person ordering it is either a girl, a pussy, or a homo. Friends that witness this order should feel obligated to drop the pew gun on this idiot for being such a flamboyant wuss.
Doug: Hey can I get a Fuzzy Navel?
Bartender: Sure (gives look of disgust).
Kevin: Dude, what are you, a little candy ass bitch?
Doug: They taste good and they get you fucked up.
Kevin: Wow... you, my friend, are officially a pussy.
by Young Sheebs May 03, 2006
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