Lit. Japanese Translation: "Fluffy Time". Also known as "Fluff fuck" in English. Pronounced as "Phu-wha Phu-wha Tei-mu"

The act of experiencing sexual pleasure by rubbing your genitals against your partner's pubic hair. If done correctly, the friction should also stimulate your partner, and when carried out to completion, care should be taken to ejaculate within the hair.
Since it was my marriage's 5th anniversary, my wife decided to give me some special fuwa fuwa time.
by Eyebrow Slut October 07, 2010
Top Definition
Literally "fluffy fluffy time". "Fuwa" is an adjective used to describe cute, adorable, and light things. Frequently shows up in anime involving one or more female characters gazing, mouth open and eyes wide, at miniscule, brightly-colored, and otherwise kawaii piece of merchandise. The word has become synonymous with Japanese moe culture.

"Fuwa Fuwa Time" (ふわふわ時間) is the name of a song by Houkago Tea Time, a fictional band in the anime "K-On!"
Azusa: What a cute, brightly colored fluffy marshmallow candy!
Yui: It's fuwa fuwa time!
*Yui noms on the marshmallow*
by chopsoy July 04, 2014
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