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fierce and cute at the same time
person 1:"Did you see that really cute chick beat up that guy?"
person 2:"Yea man, she's fute."
by Miggzy January 27, 2008
funny and cute at the same time
Boy: that midget is so funny!!
Girl: No, it isn't. It's cute!!!
Strange Guy who pops out of nowhere: It's a fute midget!!!!!!!!
by Brick Bad WOlf April 02, 2008
Fit and cute at the same time.

NOTE: Fit and cute are NOT the same thing.
Girl 1: AWWH HE'S SO FUTE ^w^ *cuddles and kisses Guy 1*

Guy 1: MRRFLE >.<;;
by spyrolizzy October 12, 2007