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Furious Fiorio is a condition that occurs when an audit client does not provide a proper and/or timely response to a request, or when something doesn’t go your way in general. Symptoms of this condition include, but are not limited to high blood pressure, popping veins, sudden non professional outbursts, thrown computers, crumpled work papers, spilt cereal and an irrational fear of pickles, and elk heads. If you have never encountered someone with Furious Fiorio, they can be easily spotted as they always have a Mocha Frapuccino in hand, and look angry. They often drink excessively on airplanes, and have been known to disrobe while in flight. They can also be found at baggage claim making innocent and hardworking airline employees cry, and often need a police escort out of the airport. If you are unsure if the person you are with suffers from this condition, simply touch the GPS in their car, or ask them if they say VETO on the Sopranos last night. If they flip out, this person suffers from Furious Fiorio. If you do this test be careful, because you’re probably gonna get a fresh one.
(1) The airline lost my baggage so I went Furious Fiorio.

(2) If you’re excel doesn’t print properly, I’m gonna get Furious Fiorio on you.

(3) Glassman didn’t get us the requests timely so I went Furious Fiorio.
by Boccie Ballz February 15, 2007
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