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A derogatory term for lesbianism; specifically one who performs cunnilingus. syn: rug muncher.

Derived from the image of one licking or "lapping" at the pubic hair or "fur" dominated area surrounding a vagina.

Fur. Middle English furre, probably from furren, to line with fur, from Old French forrer, from forre, fuerre, sheath, lining, of Germanic origin.

Lapper. One who laps. Middle English lappe, lappet, lap, from Old English læppa, lappet.

Combination of root words and subsequent usage believed to have originated in Saddle River, NJ in the early 90's.
The young man's attempts at bedding the short haired, female gym teacher were revealed to be fruitless, when she told him that she was a fur lapper.
by Five_Fingers February 03, 2005
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