to have a whack personality. Your character is fruity and lame. Generally a hater. Used to describe a person who is the complete opposite of a playamade individual. See playa made
" Its some funny style dudes at my school?

" Dad, how come girls dont like me? Well son, I hate to say this, but your a funny style."
by Phil Sutton June 27, 2006
Top Definition
A characteristic of someone that changes their personality around new and different people
I dont hang out with Charlie anymore, he's funny style.
by Joe Dollaz March 15, 2009
1)A term to describe one's peculiar behavior, frequently associated with traits of unauthenticity, hypocrisy or homosexuality.
1) Yo, the whole way he was acting when I pulled up in the Denali was mad funny-style.

2) Them dudes are cool, but they act really funny-style every time I ask them how the business is going.
by Keazy December 30, 2005
When a person acts silly and can't control they self that's when L.P calls them funny style.
Yo u actin real funny style homie
by west philly L.P April 28, 2009
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