The essence of fun
Super Smash Bros. is funness at its finest.
by Andrew October 02, 2003
Top Definition
describes the most ultimate in any experience which would be described as fun, joyful, blissful, satisfactory, or even pleasurable. The epitome of fun.

Funness is also mainly used in sarcasm, because it is incredibly hard to find any activity that would qualify as awesome enough to be funness, it's so hard, nothing has been found yet.

this word originated in the pleasant little village of Clay Center
"Yeah, the other day, I was cutting down this evergreen and I cut off my leg with a chainsaw, it was so funness!"

"Wow, really? I didn't realize it was so sweet, maybe I'll try it"

"I was being sarcastic, dumbass"
by brian h March 30, 2005
FUNNESS: considerably larger degree of fun or enjoyment
speed + car = funness!!!

Car=2006 Gemballa Avalanche GTR
Funness of it all=just getting in the car!
by Micah Miller November 27, 2006
Fun with ness at the end.
Also, extremely fun.
thisness isness funness
by Kat July 30, 2003
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