Able to function after a long night of partying.
I have to be functionable at 6 am!
by Amy December 19, 2003
Top Definition
Something that is both functional and fashionable. Used frequently by fashion models in Europe when describing an item used to accessorize their outfit that can be used day to day.
Wow that purse is very functionable
by CJOII August 28, 2010
is able to function
When he fixed my website, he made that page functionable.
by dachase September 29, 2011
HGTV Season 4 Design Star Jason Champion made this word popular during taping of season 4 April 2009. Jason brought Southern to LaLa land and made it an every day word.
This room is not functionable for this family.
by triston fall August 24, 2009
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