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1. An exclamation of joy or happiness. More than just fun.
2. A sarcastic remark.
1. You are going to the mall?! Sounds fun fun!
2. Oh joy. A math test. Fun fun.
by Pixie April 24, 2005
Good ole' wholesome libido-less fun, like playing boardgames, watching movies, playing video games, etc.
Hey you guys, do you want to come to my fun fun party? Seriously it is going to be awesome!
by OsmPawsum September 25, 2010
A word originating in a special school for special children. It was first said by a certain Russian child who's name will be unlisted for the sake of anonymity. Since then, it has spread throughout many of the school's occupants, one of the humanities teachers commenting that the user sounds like a chipmunk on helium.
"And so, Julius Caesar was stabbed to death in the senate by his friends, who feared he was rising to the title of king."


"Haha trolololol! What do you have to say to THAT?"
by TorchwoodArchive December 07, 2011

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