Derogatory term for a person of ethnic background. Transportation of choice is a yellow VL Turbo. Resides in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Usually sports shaved head with bleached fringes, and a hat tilted at a minimum 90 degree angle.
Also see muzza.
Check out that fullysick in his VL. The reflection off his silver Kappa jacket really bring out the ugly in his face.
by Ben Morrison March 12, 2004
n. to be better than sick
Fletcher's Car is fully sick

68thousand had a fully sick belt
by Stephaniii!! May 10, 2010
a guy who owns a BMW
trys to get into fights for no reason
has a really big neck
drives with windows down on a 2 degree night
west sider
says his not a sickcunt but he is
michael is a fully sick
by badeeeeee July 26, 2009
listen mann. the word fully sik is a gay word and people only started saying it when fatpitza came out, the person that first said it should be stabbed several times in the back
lebo, hey man fully sick ride

me (also lebo) shut up idiot dont say that around me
by djkarim August 02, 2007
Roger is fully sick.
by Murray January 31, 2005

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