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This is almost always a female, typically frumpish and often overweight, and often times a wannabe she wolf bitch, with a great deal of time on her hands. She spends hours and hours and hours searching the internet, local Megan's Law CD's, for any sex offender that she can totally destroy. Her secret goal is to cause at least 10 registered sex offenders to commit suicide or to be slaughtered by overzealous citizens that she strives constantly to incite to a murderous rage. She has no ability to distinguish between a male nude jogger and/or drunk man naked on his back porch, and a real sex offender, a man that molests little children. A "sex" offender is any man that she subjectively believes offends her notions of sex, which she can, due to current popularity, totally destroy. These full time sex offender sleuths are often passed over by men they are attracted to or such men use or have used them for sex and then often dump them. This is her way of gaining vengeance against every man that has "sexually offended" her by passing her by or using her for sex.
T.V. talk show host: "So, you arranged a local mob to smash the windows of his car, kick in his door, break his window with rocks, cause him to get fired from his job, and then you all stood in a vigil outside his house, with posters that say, "Infant Rapists Aren't Welcome Here." Did you know that this man never raped any infant and was arrested for being naked in his own back yard?

Full Time Sex Offender Sleuth (salivating with frenzy and perverse joy): "No, but it doesn't matter! He's the same as a infant rapist and murderer as far as I am concerned. Besides, we girls get to destroy men this way and it makes us feel so very powerful. We love destroying men's lives, that will teach them!"
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 22, 2006
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