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almost a fatass;pretty chubby.if u call a fuh tass a fuh tass,they take it as fat ass.you can set things straight.
dude:hey fuh tass
chubby dude:hey thats not cool,im not that fat
dude:not fatass,fuh tass
chubby dude:ohh,ok
by calcy December 27, 2007

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fuhtass is a nice way of telling a girl she has a big butt, with an accent. Which makes it seem less as bad. Or from a coach's point of view, can be a lazy player. A fuhtass may need to lay of the hot cheetos and hit the gym up more, but still have a pretty face.
That bad ass softball player, has a fuhtass.

That player needs to get her fuhtass quicker around the bases.
by Humphrey dikkins D.T. February 24, 2009