Similar to fucking nasty, but with the ommitence of the "uck" and the "ug" in its place, bringing with it an element of offensive ugliness similar to "fugly". To break it down would give you the three words: fucking ugly nasty
Those chili-cheese burgers from Carls Junior look fug nasty.

That new Paris Hilton flick "The Hottie
and the Nottie" looks fug nasty.
Top Definition
a combination of the words 'fugly' and 'nasty'. describing anything or anyone gross, ugly or awkward.
ew, that chick is fugnasty!
by alisonkate February 12, 2008
fuckin ugly and nasty combined.
I used to think she was hot, but then I saw that cellulite and realized that she was fugnasty. DAYUM
by NOELLLLL May 30, 2006
a short version of fuggin-nasty.
My old teacher saved his whole platoon in Nam by jumping on a land mine -- but damn that crazy was fugnasty.

syn. = fugly, just ruder, to be used at the end of a sentence only, with a hard quick emphasis on the FUG part. This is a stepping stone to the use of the F-word in more everyday contexts.
by Phil44fan November 16, 2005
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