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<3~<3~<3~ FuelDigga ~<3~<3~<3
by Angel~ August 01, 2004
Top Definition
A Mean person who calls people Maids :-( + He needs to get it on with Tweety:p
MeanDigga is Mean.:(
by Katlyn August 01, 2004
A person that tries to to prevent others from being a GoldenGung.
Greedy Obnoxious Liar Decieves Everyone Nowadays...GoAway U Noob Go!
by Monster August 02, 2004
The cutest, most squishy digga of them all.
* FuelDigga squishy love bio
by notbioweapon August 01, 2004
A Cock Sucking Mother Fucking Good For Nothing Piece Of Shit Control-Freak Faggot With A Slut Named Tweety.
Him, his mom, his whole fucking family, his slut tweety, and every other fucking aspect of his little gay ass life.
by Monster August 01, 2004
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