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The having of the butt-sex
Richard Simmons is Fudge-packing the Backstreet Boys
by Chubbard January 24, 2006
20 7
the act of packing someones shit right up there back passage by means of a good stiff cock.
Mc scotty loves a good fudge packing!!!
by shifty bob July 03, 2003
312 73
1:The packaging of chocolate or peanut butter fudge into a box.
My dad is known for his fudge packing at the local candy store. Children and adults alike come miles to get their fudge packed by him.
by Roy Sanchez July 27, 2006
302 143
the art of a man taking in the rear from another man. this is how the tootise roll was invented.
by anonymous October 09, 2003
144 73
To have anal sex. Usually used when referring to gay males. This term is from one male packing (with his penis) the other male's fudge (fecal matter) up his anus.
"So, son... When you say you like to fudgepack... Does that mean you want to go into the ice cream business?"
by Mandy February 15, 2003
85 24
The act by which a mans stool is shooved deeper inside his body by another man. This term is often used to describe gay and or promiscuous men
Denis Rodman is a fudge packer
by Our21stzen February 12, 2003
79 43
The act of jamming another's FE-Cs back into the digestive system via anal sex
by JKD February 23, 2003
80 48