The act or form of clogging ass through vicious assramming.
After the circlejerk, Zach fudgepacked Nolan.
Top Definition
to have anal intercourse; compacting the feces in the intestines by means of the male genitals during anal sex
I wanna fudge-pack you, Bitch!
by King Shit January 18, 2003
to insert your penis into the asshole
I refuse to fudge pack because the condom always breaks.
by LeMarr McVay November 21, 2003
the action of having sexual intercourse anally.
You fudge-packer
by Zephyrgais January 18, 2003
originally the fantastic4 &/or fab4,consists of iggy, latessa, nicotin, stella, jimbo/alley. became the fudgepack after a major coup dente... Basically hang out at each other houses, brendan theaters,STARBUCKS,watch waterfornians, party at the chainsaw massacre house,hang out in the school parking lot talking about nothing or aimlessly look for things to do. Most of the time it takes us hours to contact each other.

-hey is the fudgepack doing anything today?

-wtf dude were the fantastic4!

-whatever...lets call everyone.

three hours later.

-so i guess its just us...
alley has work,nicoles doing homework,tessas parents are prudes...fuck it.
let go to HICKMAN!
by shabanglalallalaa November 11, 2007
(1) a derrogatory term for the university teams at north carolina state university. (2) a bastardization of their team the Wolfpack.
Hey, the Fudgepack lost to UNC again last night. They really suck at basketball, huh?
by CHvictor February 07, 2007
One who likes to fuck another in the ass and packs their shit
Justin D. Robinson is a fudgepack
by Matt Nolting April 28, 2005
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