a) when a guy or gal wipes mucus onto your fanny. (fanny; british term referring to female genitalia)

b) brown alga found in rocky seashores. a key ingredient to weight loss supplement adios - this is why fat girls are so dirrty
a) 'what a hoe, I heard that man whore fucused her in the kebaby'

b)'that bitch used to be a proper fatty, but her boyfriend used to fucus her all the time, so she lost some weight and now he just gets hand jobs'
by pussyfacedtrashpalace June 19, 2010
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When a latin american math teacher with a strong accent says "focus".
You estudents need fucus on yorr work!
by emily12324 April 17, 2005
1. Slang for fucking cunt
1. I hate you, you fucu
by glenfile March 18, 2005
Mental focus or concentration used to prolong sex.
Stress at work is totally affecting my fucus, I couldn't even stay hard last night
by DangerDales October 20, 2010
by THATDIAGIRL April 09, 2015
fat upper coochie unit
damn that fat woman has a fucu
by compton1024 May 01, 2011

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