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the end of the work day on Friday when an employee is most desperate to go home.
"Is it fuckoff o'clock yet?!?"
by PhoenixPup October 05, 2007
That moment when you leave me the fuck alone.
You know what time it is , fuckoff o'clock
by google inc August 15, 2014
The time at which a person has totally outstayed their welcome, and is asked to leave.
"Steve, it's fuckoff o'clock mate. Time for you to go."
by Kez 4 Prez August 16, 2014
What you say when someone asks you what time it is and you really could give a shit.
"Excuse me, kind sir. Would you please tell me what time it is? I am late for an appointment."

"Why sure! It's fuckoff o'clock!"
by Shane Holmes October 24, 2014
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