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To be a fucking knucklehead
That chick is a fucklehead
by Kevin January 16, 2005
Lit., "fucking knucklehead" Usually reserved for someone who stubbornly adheres to false principles or consistently acts irresponsibly; generally, an idiot.
"She hates your guts, you fucklehead! Quit calling her!"
by Darhug April 09, 2009
Not enough sense or knowledge to be a knucklehead
I came across a fucklehead today. He said he couldn't get 10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound bag.
by Daniel Hairston, Jr. July 07, 2007
to be a fucking chucklehead
That chucklehead Rich fucked up real bad this time. He's become a disgrace to the chuckleheads. He's now a fucklehead.
by JayRoq October 25, 2005