(n) used to describe a person who is not pleasent to be around.
See asshole
I hate you, you're such a FUCKHOLE
by Aaron July 11, 2004
woman,girls those man who consier women as inferior to them and treat them as sextoys prefers to call their women as fuckhole, that is all the holes in her body are used for putting their cock into.
All women are nothing but fuckholes
by vikram_001 January 01, 2006
Used by gay male leathermen in master/slave fantasy play to refer to their slave
Hey f uckhole, get your miserable tail out to the kitchen and get me a beer.
by TheBossMan April 16, 2007
just a little worse than an 'asshole'...
"my boss's wife is such a fuckhole, dude"
by Eric April 08, 2003
Shorter version of "fucking asshole"
Dude, you're a fuckhole!
by Notme November 20, 2003

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