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Quite possibly the two best words in the English language. Often used in a conversation to catch someone off guard.
Dude did you hear what happened yesterday?


Fucker bitch
by Austin January 06, 2004
an idiot, someone who comits stupid acts, a stupidass, finds a way to fuck up everything. or just a fool
you stole my cookies! you fuckerbitch!

My fuckerbitch dog just threw up.

Mom: You fuckerbitch! you took my shit out of the washer b4 it was washed!

Me: it wasnt me, it was some other fuckerbitch.
by victoria November 26, 2004
A very derogatory term, or combination of two terms, used to express extreme displeasure with another individual, usually because of anger or disgust. It can also be used simply to belittle a person.
That guy who ripped me off is a fucker bitch.

That stupid retard is a fucker bitch.
by Qui Long July 09, 2009
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