pl. of Fuckass
Great insult, nuff said.

first used in the movie, Donnie Darko
girl: He's been smoking again.
guy: why do ppl have to be fuck asses, you fuckass.
by Mr. Gibbons March 23, 2008
An insult commonly used by individuals such as TEH LEE in reference to bitches and other cunts that are found to be annoying or in any way douchey.
Hey, fuck ass, shut the hell up...bitch.
by bl December 07, 2004
verb (slang);; seeing something that gives you a boner and maybe even makes you jiz in your pants.
He's hot, I'd fuck ass.
by taylinaur January 11, 2010
1. The bar owner in the movie "Boondock Saints" (1999) with Tourette's Syndrome. He was called this, because he blurted out words like "fuck!" and "ass! when he was stressed.

2. An insult used by Donnie against his sister Elizabeth at the dinner table in the movie "Donnie Darko" (2001).

3. An asshole, clown, idiot, jerk, loser, prick, douchebag, scumbag, doofus; any inept and/or annoying person, who gets on your nerves or offends you.

4. Someone who engages in anal sex, i.e. fucking someone in the ass or being fucked in the ass themselves.
1. "Hey, Fuckass, gimme a beer!"

2. "You're such a fuckass!" "Did you just call me a fuckass? Well, you can go suck a fuck!" "Oh, tell me, Elizabeth, how exactly does one suck a fuck?" "Do you want me to tell you?"

3. "Did you see that guy stealing condoms? What a fuckass."

4. "I asked my girlfriend to have anal sex the other night, she called me a fuckass, and walked out."
by calweycn October 02, 2007
an annoying person, someone who has blurted out one of your secrets... like in the movie Donnie Darko
"-Do you wanna tell Mom and Dad why you stopped taking you medication?
-You're such a fuckass!"
by darkskies582 June 23, 2005
Someone whos a fuckup
You dropped the weed you fuckass
by Danny Meusel March 25, 2011
1. The act of fucking someone in the ass.
2. A disrespectful way to someones attention.+
1. Dude, you always fuck-ass!
2. Hey, fuck-ass, get me a beer!
by Brett Lawson March 05, 2007

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