A device for smoking marijuana. Normally used when nothing else can be found (ie. papers, a bowl, bong, etc) Fuckits usually consist of tinfoil and/or a plastic bottle.

-Name given when everyone is too fed up with searching for a smoking device.
"Dude, I can't find the bowl... or the papers....."
"Ah fuckit, get the 2-liter. We're making a bowl."

"Screw finding the bowl man, just grab the fuckit."
by Syndicate66 February 10, 2010
Top Definition
An expresssion used when... eh... fuck it.
Fuck it, I don't want to define it any more.
by yipppeeeKAYyay January 18, 2006
Not gonna do something no more cuz your fed up with it.
I don't feel like going to work today, fuck it
by Silas Wonder June 24, 2004
Giving up, not wanting to be bothered with it, a feeling of hopelessness.
Fuck it, I quit.
The dog ran off, fuck it, I aint chasing it.
The bastard cheated on me again, fuck it.
by susie fuck it December 11, 2005
Don't you wish there was a key on the keyboard that says "Fuck It"
Ahh I messed up on my essay 5 times. *Hit's the 'Fuck It' button*
by Fuck You December 25, 2003
another way of saying nevermind or can't be bothered
"Do you wanna go out"
"No, fuck it"

"You're gay"
"fuck it, it doesn't matter"
by ashman November 14, 2003
the two most versatile words in the world. must be said with an certain extent of apathy and also better said when words are slurred and barely decihperable, i suggest a few beers.....
this sites asks me an example.....nah, fuck it....

by yeah..me August 31, 2005
A popular chemical found in weed.
jim "man i've got soo menny fucking bills to pay"*Takes a hit* "you know what... fuck it."
by Pilif April 08, 2006

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