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The only word in the english language that is referred to as the "F" word. Comes from the german word freichen (pronounced: Fry-kin) which means "To Strike". Urbanly has various Definitions: As a transitive verb, pain, pleasure, hate and love. Is also a Transitive verb, Intransitive verb, Ajective, Parts of an adverb, Adverb inhancing an ajective, Noun, Parts of words, almost every word in a sentence, Describes the words fraud, dismay, trouble, Difficulty, Inquiry, Dissatisfaction, Incompetence and dismissal.
Transitive verb: John f ucked Shirley. Intrasitive verb: Shirley f ucks. Adjectvie: John is doing all the f ucking work. Part of an adverb: Shirley talks to f ucking much. Adverb inhancing an ajective: Shirley is f ucking beautiful. A noun: I dont give a f uck. As part of a word: Abso-f ucking-lutely or in-f ucking-credible. As almost every word in a sentence: F uck the f ucking f uckers. Fraud: I got f ucked at the used car lot. Dismay: Aw, f uck it. Trouble: I guess I'm really f ucked now. Agression: Don't f uck with me, buddy. Difficulty: I don't understand this f ucking question. Inquiry: Who the f uck was that? Dissatisfaction: I don't like what the f uck is going on here. Incompetence: He's a f uck off. Dismissal: Why don't you go outside and play go f uck yourself.
by Hugh G. Rekshon November 17, 2007
A common word used to describe sexual intercourse.
"John wants to fuck Sally in the ass, but Sally refuses because she is a prude"
by 1234iDeclareAthumbWar November 02, 2006
to stand out in the middle of the street and yell FUCK!
FUCK! That car is gonna hit me!
by Tyhr August 08, 2007
Same defination as fuck but it is stated with not such certainity and confidence. It is stated very smoothly and calmly, and stated as a question. Usually stated when one is not sure if he/she should actually say fuck, or doesn't find it necessary to say fuck with aggression.
<A baby drops something from its mouth on your foot>
You: fuck?
by N/A October 19, 2004
A word that can be used for anything whether it is good or bad.
1. Fuck, that hurt!

2. You are as ugly as fuck.

3. Damn, that girl is fine as fuck!

4. I wanna fuck that girl!

5. Fuck you bitch!

6. I'm going to fuck you up when u come to the spot we're fighting at!
by .408:: September 30, 2007
Yelling fuck! In a real loud voice combining all of

of your emotions into one word at one moment .. FUCK!
Yeah, I was mowing my yard and all of a sudden..
gets hit in the balls FUCK!!!!
by yourmomsucksweiner December 09, 2009
What you need to do at least once in your life.
I need to fuck.
by Psyber October 07, 2008