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Someone who's led you on but then goes and fucks someone else instead is known as a fuckwhore
Bob:Did you know that Jo fucked Bill
Bob2:She is such a fuck whore
by Sexy spanny December 18, 2005
One who sleeps with people for sex.
Caroline, you're such a fuckwhore.
by Felez October 31, 2005
a person who fuckin says fuck too fuckin much!
She cant go through a sentence without saying fuck! What a fuck whore!
by animehater August 21, 2005
Means pretty much the same as fuck and whore separately, but whence put together, they form a word with comparable hate as cuntrag.
The security guard at my school is a fuckwhore!
by 000 February 05, 2004
when someone who is so blinded by their errogance they can't see that no one likes them.

also, its someone who makes fun of someone for lacking in the pants, when they are lacking themselves.
matt: hey danny, my dick is 10 inches long. im guessing yours is 3?

danny: actually matt, your girlfriend told me your dick was border-line non-existant. and no, my dick is large, you can verify that with your mom. you fuckin ass-hat.
by nucka d August 03, 2005

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